Saturday, February 11, 2012

I really do not like Walmart!

I have had so many bad experiences at Walmart. I don't know why I thought that today would be different. I wanted to use a few coupons to purchase trial/travel items. I had the Feb 2012 P &G coupon for cascade action packs, a Tide coupon that was mailed to me, and 2 Bic coupons. None of these coupons exclude any size, shape, or type. The cashier only let me use 2 of the bic coupons. UHHHH! Oh well, I got 2 packs of colorful bic pens for free.

Plus, I also noticed that Walmart's prices are not low. I saw frozen TGI Fridays meals for over a dollar more than they are at Publix, where they are not even on sale right now. I also saw over-the-counter medications that were much more expensive at Walmart than Publix (also not even on sale). Just a warning: Walmart is NOT the low price leader.

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