Sunday, March 24, 2013

You should never pay for...

Here is my list of things that you can get for free with coupons and a good sale
1. toothpaste
2. butter
3. toothbrush
4. hair products
5. pasta

Spent $5 for tons of healthy food at Publix

Today I spend $5 at Publix for $26 worth of groceries. That's almost 81% off the SALE prices. I bought Sargento Cheese (x2), 12 eggs, icing flavoring, 3 boxes of pasta, 2 packages of turkey bacon, 1 block of 8 oz. cheese, coffee creamer, 3 bags of frozen veggies, apple juice, and 2 boxes of hair color. Love PUBLIX!

Sign up for to get coupons and possibly Publix competitor coupons :)

Instead of printing your coupons on, sign up for swagbucks and print them from their website. You get 10 bucks for every coupon you use. You can earn giftcards!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Exercise and 3 dog treats for $1

If you have a dog, you are forced happy to walk/exercise more often. My goal is to walk or run my dog more than one mile everyday. We will try for 400 miles in one year. Seems easy enough and good for his health and mine :)

On another note, I bought 3 bags of dentastix today at Publix. I used $2 off 3 Manufacture's coupon and 3 $1/1 Target printable coupons for a total of $1! Normally, these go for $4 per bag! Crazy!
They are almost $6/bag on this website, BLAH!