Friday, February 10, 2017

How buying used clothes can save you tons of money

I love buying used clothes. Why? Because I always want new outfits and a good bargain.
I had this North Face sweatshirt for a while and was tired of it, so I sold it and bought a better one :)

I've been following articles by minimalists lately who have 4 pieces of clothing. Ouch! Can I do that? One thing I can do is sell the clothes I am not crazy about. This is my way of decluttering, cleaning and almost renting my clothing items. Sometimes I will purchase clothes, wear them a couple times to determine if I really like them and sell them if I am not in love with them. I know there is someone else out there that will LOVE them! Check out these items I'm selling on Poshmark.

On average I used to buy a couple new outfits each month. This was around $300. That's $3,600 per year. Now, I spend about $50 per week, but make a lot of that back on Poshmark. Yay!