Friday, June 28, 2013

Earn money EASILY online :)

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I have earned over $100 CASH from my online shopping by going through before going to the store's website.

Publix RULES!

SO, I just realized TODAY that the reason I love Publix so much is because I can't stand shopping at Kroger, Ingles and Walmart. I went to Kroger today and (of course!) they were out of the Bayer aspirin and the other big sale items. Yes, COMPLETELY out! Ugh! I hate that! I am going to Publix to buy 4 snausages ($6), 4 pretzel crisps ($7), 4 splenda ($8), and 2 packages of turkey burgers ($8) with my $5 off $25 Fresh Market coupon. Publix RULES!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

$1 at Publix

Today I bought 2 bags of pedigree dog food, 1 big jug of naked smoothie juice, 2 biotene gum packages, I banana, 1 package of guac, 1 package of tena pads, 1 box of texas toast and 1 half gallon of silk almond milk for a little over $1. I used a $5 off $25 Fresh Market purchase coupon because my Publix considers FM a competitor :)

Just realized that I could've printed a coupon from the Naked Juice website. Darn!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paid $4 for 15 items at Publix

I just love Publix. First of all, I walked in with a receipt that hadn't used any coupons. I found a few coupons that I could have used with that receipt, so I started off with some cash. Then, I bought 15 items including, 6 Muller Yogurts, 2 Starbucks coffee bags (which I can eventually turn in to a FREE tall coffee, check out the picture on the left), Publix cookies (PENNY ITEM), 3 dial body wash bottles, and a box of hair color. I used a $5 off $40 Publix coupon and many other manufacturer, Publix and competitor coupons. All of this was only $4, but really it was free because two coffees at Starbucks is worth more than $4. That, my friends, is why I LOVE PUBLIX.