Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to have a beautiful Florida wedding for less than $5,000


1. Food: order from the catering menu and have a friend meet the deliverer to setup.

2. Buy a used wedding dress and get it altered. The alterations will cost more than the dress.

3. Hubby can get a nice suit (with tailoring) for under $400.

4. Yeti cups make great groomsmen gifts in the summer in Florida. Ties can be purchased for less than $5 each.

5. Rent a large home for the rehearsal dinner. Most places charge much more per person than it costs to cook for a large group.

6. Have your friends and family help you setup.

7. Order a cake from Sam's club for $25 and have your friends and family bake the other dessert options.

8. Have your hair and make up done at a beauty school. 

But, have a trial done before the big day! A couple of my bridesmaids' hair looked awful.

Like, worse than this scary head...awful.

My hair looked great, thankfully!

9. Borrow your reception dress from a friend.

10. Don't sacrifice something you want for something traditional. You can make your own tradition.

Do you love garage sales AND new clothes?

I do because I can expand my closet at a very low price. One rule I must follow is one in, one out. So,   if I find something great at a garage sale, I sell one of my older items. Check out my Poshmark closet here.